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Company Profile

YUEQING DALIER ELECTRICAL FACTORY is specialized in designing and developing wiring terminals and connector, cable lugs, contactors and thermal relay with excellent experience to manufacture such products.

Our products are widely used in electronic, machinery, instrument, electrical appliances complete, and other industrial fields, terminal products are exported to USA, South American, Southeast Asia…, Obtained approval and the high praise from the domestic and foreign customers.

Our company is located in Liushi town that transportation is convenient, close to the beautiful scenery of the national tourism resort - the Yan Dang mountain, and Facing the hills to the open port city - Wenzhou ; Near Wenzhou airport, railway stations, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

We are producing strictly reference to the technical standard advanced industrial and examined by the national electrical control and distribution equipment quality supervision testing center. It possessing first-class equipment and developing engineers, products are made that use the high purity material. The contacts series are complete, numerous in varieties, that are welcome to many clients for its excellent quality and favorable price!




Product Description

Parallel terminal

Parallel terminal manufacturer_Parallel terminal

Material: purple copper     

Insulating material: PVC

Technical Parameters:

Item No. Cable size   Dimension     Imax  
  A.W.G mm² I(mm) d (mm) L(mm)    
PVT1.25 22-16 0.5-1.5 8 1.7 16 19A  
PVT2 16-14 1.5-2.5 8 2.3 16 27A  
PVT5.5 43809 43561 8.5 3.4 20.5 48A  
Maximum number of switching operation a day   100   上胶方式   4P 415V~ Gross Power
Additional characteristics       电源 Insulation voltage Ui 500V Gross Weight
Insulation vwltage(Ui)   500V AC   操作人员 Rated frequency 50/60Hz Overall Dimension


Parallel terminal manufacturer_Parallel terminal drawing


Super Butt Splice

Parallel terminal manufacturer_Super Butt Splice

AWG (American Wire Gauge) terminal and connector suit for American market and area that use such standard, for example: USA,CANADA,MEXICO,COLOMBIA,KINGDOM OF SAUDI,THAILAND,PHILIPPINES etc.

Technical Parameters:

15130 26-18 Super Butt Splice
15330 16-18 Super Butt Splice
15430 12-10 Super Butt Splice
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