Classification and application range of copper terminals

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1. peep mouth copper terminal

The copper terminal can be subdivided into 34 specific different models. This type of copper terminal is made of high-quality copper and has high conductivity. You can choose the specific type according to the cross-sectional area of ​​the connectable wire. Models, wires and areas from 1.5 square millimeters to 50 square millimeters can be connected using this terminal block.

2. L series with bare middle terminal This type of copper terminal looks like a small copper tube from the outside, and then a small opening is opened in the middle of the copper tube for wiring

3. Marine series copper terminal block (JG series)

As the name suggests, marine series copper terminal blocks are mainly used on various types of ships. It can support wires from 10 to 70 square millimeters for connection. Marine series copper terminal blocks can be divided into 23 specific models in detail.


4. DTL series copper and aluminum terminals

This series of terminals can be said to be an extended type of copper terminals. This type of terminal is made of high-quality copper in the connection place, and the latter part is made of aluminum. Friends who need this type of terminal can Choose from seventeen specific models from DTL-10 to DTL-800.

5. DTL2 series round head double control copper and aluminum terminal

This series of terminals is basically the same as the DTL series of copper-aluminum terminals, but the difference is that the terminal has two holes in the wiring place, while the DTL series has only one hole, and the specific models are also reduced (there are thirteen types). model).

6. CAL series copper and aluminum terminals

Compared with the DTL and DTL2 series, the terminal blocks of this series are actually similar. They are only more round in appearance and can be used in a wider range. You can choose a total of 14 types from CAL-16A to CAL-630A according to your different current levels. Specifications, we especially remind you that the copper-aluminum terminals of CAL-500A and CAL-630A are square-headed flat plates.


7.DT series copper terminal block

It can be judged that you will feel more familiar when you see the DT series copper terminal blocks, because as a high-quality terminal block with a red copper color, it is very popular among users (used more), and there are seventeen specific models of the DT series copper terminal blocks. (DT-10 to DT800), of which DT-630 and DT-800 are copper terminal blocks with square heads.

8.DT2 series copper double hole terminal block

Compared with the DT series, this type of copper terminal has only one more hole, so it is very suitable for users who need to connect two wires to one terminal.

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