The main application field of vinyl ring is in the rubber industry, it can be used in the manufacture of vinyl silicone oil, additive in the production process of silicone rubber, etc. It is also one of the basic raw materials for the synthesis of various silicone rubber.

Physicochemical properties

Purity ≥99%, vinyl content ≥30%;

CAS NO. 2554-06-5

Refractive index (n25D): 1.4347-1.4350;

Density (ρ20) g/cm3: 0.9870 ± 0.0050

This product is a colorless transparent liquid, soluble in a variety of organic solvents, insoluble in water of PH=7.

The main purpose

(1) Used for the synthesis of methyl vinyl silicone rubber to improve the performance of silicone rubber;

(2) for the synthesis of vinyl silicone oil and silicone resin;

(3) For the synthesis of polyolefin flame retardant materials.