The circular pre-insulated terminal is one of the cold-pressed terminal specifications, and the electronic linker and the air connector are all attributed to the cold-pressed terminal. It is also used as an accessory product for electrical connection. With the increasing degree of industrial automation and increasingly strict and precise industrial control requirements, the use of terminal blocks is gradually increasing.

Material requirements

Metal material: copper (E-CU)

Metal plating: tin plating

Pre-insulation material: polypropylene (PA66)

Maintain temperature: 105 ° C

Short time temperature: 120 ° C

Crimp advantages

When the wire terminals are in close proximity, it improves insulation safety and prevents the wires from bifurcing; it makes the wires easier to insert into the ends.


Terminal specifications for different cable sizes

Cable size: 0.5~1.5mm2 (AWG22-16), maximum current: Imax = 19A, material: copper thickness: 0.7mm

Cable size: 1.5~2.5mm2 (AWG16-14), maximum current: Imax = 27A, material: copper thickness: 0.8mm

Cable size: 2.5~4mm2 (AWG14-12), maximum current: Imax = 37A, material: copper thickness: 1.0mm

Cable size: 4~6mm2 (AWG12-10), maximum current: Imax = 48A, material: copper thickness: 1.0mm