Blade terminal manufacturer

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Company Profile

YUEQING DALIER ELECTRICAL FACTORY is specialized in designing and developing wiring terminals and connector, cable lugs, contactors and thermal relay with excellent experience to manufacture such products.

Our company is located in Liushi town that transportation is convenient, close to the beautiful scenery of the national tourism resort - the Yan Dang mountain, and Facing the hills to the open port city - Wenzhou ; Near Wenzhou airport, railway stations, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation.




Product Description

Blade terminal

Blade terminal manufacturer_Blade terminal

  • Cable size: 0.5~1.5mm²(A.W.G.22~16) 
  • Max current: Imax=19A 
  • Material: purple copper 
  • Thickness: 0.7mm

Technical Parameter:

Item No. Dimension          
  B(mm) L(mm) Fmm)   H(mm) D (mm)
DBV1.25-10 2.3 20.6 10   10.6 4.3
DBV1.25-11 2.3 21.6 11      
DBV1.25-14 2.3 24.6 14      
DBV1.25-18 2.3 28.6 18      


Blade terminal manufacturer_Blade terminal drawing


Step Down Butt Splice

Blade terminal manufacturer_Step Down Butt Splice

AWG (American Wire Gauge) terminal and connector suit for American market and area that use such standard, for example: USA,CANADA,MEXICO,COLOMBIA,KINGDOM OF SAUDI,THAILAND,PHILIPPINES etc.

Technical Parameter:

0.75-2.5 26-24 to 16-14 Step Down Butt Splice
1.5-2.5 22-18 to 16-14 Ga Step Down Butt Splice
2.5-5.5 16-14 to 12-10 Ga Step Down Butt Splice
5.5-8 12-10 to 8 Ga Step Down Butt Splice
8--14 8 to 6 Ga Step Down Butt Splice


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