Product Description

CJX2-F(LC1-F) series AC contactor (the followings are called contactor),it is used in 50Hz or 60Hz, with special coil, which can be used in the circuit of 40-400Hz,voltage up to 660V, current up to less than 630A and be used for putting through and breaking the main circuit and also for frequently starting and controlling motor. It can unify the general electrical equipment such as all kinds of relay, which can used for controlling all kinds of electrical equipment, motor and circuit. The auxiliary contact group, air time-delay head, mechanical interlock contactor and it can also form mechanical interlock contactor and star-delta starter. The thermo-relay and itcan form the magnetic starter.

Type and meaning


With fine and compact structure, function moulding,and cordwood assembly stereoscopic layout,The contactor is protective type,the actincg mechanism is linear motion type,the contact is double-breaking point. Add mechanical interlock organization between two contactors to form mechanical interlock contactor(reversible shift contactor).


Outline mouting size

cjx2-F115-330 Outline mouting size

cjx2-f400-500 Outline mouting size

cjx2-f630 Outline mouting size

CJX2-F225 AC contactor