Insulated terminals are very popular  on the market today. The reason is that in our daily life, we often encounter two wires that need a short connection, so they can be connected or split at any time. We solder or entangle if we want to connect the two wires., and the subsequent splitting is very troublesome. At this time, using this insulated terminal can solve this problem very well, and it is convenient to connect the two wires., and the connection is also beautiful and neat, looks pleasing to the eye.
In addition, the insulated terminal looks very simple in appearance, that is, the metal is sealed in the insulating plastic, and the holes can be connected when both ends are provided with holes.
But nowadays there are many this product on the market. We can't see the size and appearance of the product is relatively small, and we neglect the quality of the product. This product is also in great need of quality control in the application. Below me Let me explain to you some of the quality identification methods of this product.

How to identify the quality of insulated terminals

First, we can compare the appearance. The most important thing is to compare the products sold by the manufacturer with the samples. Some informal manufacturers may produce some products that cut corners in order to reduce production costs. The style is not equal to the size of the sample, so in order to avoid this situation, we should try to compare the appearance when selecting the product to confirm whether it is consistent with the sample, if conditions permit. In this case, the thickness, length, and some size of the product can be measured with a caliper.
Second, because the surface plating method of this product is different, the production cost and subsequent quality of the product are different. Generally, there are two kinds of plating products, which are divided into tin and bright tin. Tin knows well that it is to iron the product. Bright tin is actually electroplating the same tin. When purchasing the product, we will choose according to our own needs. If you want good quality, choose tin. Insulated terminals, the price will be slightly more than 2 times more expensive than bright tin, which is normal in the market, it is understandable, here we have to avoid a situation is some irregular manufacturers, with bright tin The product is coated with a thin layer of tin to serve as a tin-stained product for sale. We must pay attention to it. Remember not to choose such products.