Classification of copper wire lugs

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Classified by production process: copper wire lugs (copper tube stamping and forming), copper-aluminum composite copper wire lugs (suitable for copper-aluminum double conductors).

According to the connection method used: fixed type (one end is wired and the other end is fixed on the housing or end seat by screw inspection), plug-in type (one end is wired and the other end is inserted into the end seat or other conductors), parallel connection type (wires at both ends are connected parallel connection).

Copper Tube Lug(SC)

Classified by shape and structure: round copper wire lugs, plate-shaped copper wire lugs, tubular terminals, central tube terminals, double-hole copper wire lugs, bent copper wire lugs, flared copper wire lugs (easy-entry copper wire lugs) , Square hole copper wire lug, peep hole (observation hole) copper wire lug, pre-insulated copper wire lug (semi-insulated copper wire lug).

Classification by coating process: tinned copper wire lugs, silver-plated copper wire lugs, gold-plated copper wire lugs, nickel-plated copper wire lugs, pickling copper wire lugs.

Classification according to the use environment: ordinary household appliance wire lugs, new energy special thickened copper wire lugs, rail transit special copper wire lugs, copper wire lugs for power distribution control cabinets, and copper wire lugs for power engineering installation.

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